The mother is usually the first point of contact when a child comes to the world, and children learn a lot from their mother as well as other family members. So, aside from training your child as a mother to be honest, show respect amongst other things. It is also quite important to train your child to feel compassion for others as this might help him or her in relating well with people and also in having a strong personality. Thus, here are some ways you could train your child to feel compassion for others:

  1. Show Empathy to others: The truth is,children learn more by what you do rather than what you say. So, if you want your child to show empathy toothers you need to do the same. Let them see you express empathy to your spouse, colleagues, friends and they would learn to do the same.
  2. Be Consistent: In showing compassion for others, be consistent in your act. If you show empathy only when it is convenient for you, your child might see the attribute an unimportant and not learn it.
  3. Address your child needs: One of the ways to get your child to feel compassion is if you show the same to him or her. If you are always shouting at your child, beating and ignoring his or her needs. Your child would most likely never even know what compassion is not to talk of expressing it. So when your child is sick or in need, care for him or her and be compassionate towards him or her.
  4. Encourage Emotional Literacy: One of the best ways, to help your child show compassion, is to teach him or her about emotions, help her recognize emotions and encourage him/her to learn more about it. When your child can recognize people emotions, then he/she would be able to relate with it.
  5. Expose your Child to the realities of Life: Another effective way, to train your child to show compassion is by exposing her to the realities of life, take her to orphanage home and let her see how people live, also join and volunteer in groups together and help people out.
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Although it is essential to train your child to show empathy to others, don’t over-do it so that he/she don’t over express compassion (for instance showering praise on someone when a simple thank you would have suffice).

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