Every parent knows that the most complicated part of relationships with their child is not to force, but to motivate to do something. So let’s find out what methods are the most useful in choosing the best motivation for your kids.


Sometimes it is more than just enough to stay in contact with your child in order to be able to take care of him/her and to motivate them correctly. The real story is that many children are easy to get distracted. And this can be the reason of a bad progress in studies. Notice how your kids do their homework. Do they sit for 30 minutes at one place solving mathematic tasks or they look aside every minute, losing the concentration? If you have notices such tendency, take an alarm clock and set it for 15 minutes. The child will be watching the arrow go round and will be in a hurry to get all their tasks done in time. This is a very powerful tool for boosting concentration and for making your children motivated to execute their tasks.

Another example is one boy didn’t want to go to the swimming pool and his mother didn’t know what was the reason. After having talked to him, she discovered that it was the swimming trunks, which were funny-looking, so the boy was shy to wear them. The problem was successfully solved after purchasing other swimming trunks. From here we see that if there was no contact with the child, his mother would never know how to deal with unwillingness to visit swimming pool and would never know that the best method of motivation was buying another swimming trunks.

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Approval & Disapproval

Your approval and disapproval are two main things in children’s motivation that you are not required to overdo with. The thing is that an adult should be more or less independent on other people’s opinions and appraisals. So if you tell your kids ‘good for you’ or ‘you did it bad’, they will always strive for people’s approval. The method of approval is effective in case when this is not about successes, but about good and bad. We must praise our children for the good, and we must scold for the bad. We should also praise our children for the progress they achieved after their hard labor. For example, it can be a progress in speaking or reading. It really works and it motivates a lot.

Planning of the Future

This method works mostly with the teenagers and if you manage to do everything right, then you shouldn’t worry about anything else. Our goal is to think over the steps, each one of which must be thought over and well-estimated together with your son or daughter. Just keep in mind that by doing so we don’t push no one and the person has the right to change his/her mind at any time. In order to stay motivated, your children should be able to adapt to the constant changes, therefore it is important to let them change their targets and future plans.

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