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I don’t know if there’s anyone who thinks they need to pay through their necks before they can own or start a blog. If there is, then I wonder what age you live in. Many top blogs you find on the internet were started without their owners paying a dime! They only had to pay for a webhost when they decided to move to a dotcom domain name -Don’t worry it’s quite cheap.

There are a few websites who have created a platform for starting blogs for free! These websites were built to alienate the stress of having to design a blog from the basic HTML <Title>Your blog</Title> (boring tags).

Rather than go through the fuss of writing all these HTML and JavaScript codes, you could signup on any of these top 20 websites below, choose a cool theme and start your free blog today.

#1 WordPress (

WordPress has become one of the most used website for bloggers. WordPress is easy to use and can easily be customized. Best of all, WordPress is free.

WordPress offers two services on different domains; the domain offers users a hosted service with the ‘’ subdomain name with a few limitations on customization. WordPress offers users a free self-hosted service on, in this case, there are no limitations.

Over 20% of websites in the world use WordPress.

#2 Blogger (

Blogger is a blogging platform created by Google and has hugely become popular over the years. Blogger offers users a wide variety of features which makes customization a lot easy. You can choose to purchase a Google domain if you want to do away with the all-too-familiar ‘’ subdomain extension provided by Google.

Blogger allows you purchase or install themes from other websites. Despite coming under criticism of late, blogger remains one of the best free blogging platforms out there.

#3 Weebly (

You can create a blog on Weebly for free. The website is simply interesting to say the least. It features a user friendly design, easily customizable features. Weebly has everything you need to start and run a thriving blog. The website has an IPhone app which can be used to update your blog from anywhere.

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#4 Webs (

Webs is another great website for starting a free blog. The website allows users to easily customize their blogs by featuring drag and drop, user-friendly themes and a direct link to social media sharing. Aside from their customizable templates, Webs also offers an easy to use website builder.

#5 Wix (

Wix offers a free platform for website creation. Their platform is highly customizable and they try to do all the coding for you. If you already have a domain, you can easily migrate to the Wix platform. The website also helps you create pages which are SEO friendly.

#6 Tumblr (

Tumblr also presents a free blogging platform where you can easily build your blog for free. It offers features such as easy to use blogging tools, easily customizable layout and blog community which you can interact with. Tumblr also offers you loads of free themes which you can apply to improve the look and feel of your blog.

#7 Medium ( )

Medium is becoming widely popular as a unique blog development platform. Introduced in 2012, Mediumoffers a user friendly interface, loads of free and premium themes, and one of the coolest post editors you could ask for. Medium is however rigid with respect to customization, but it remains one of the most popular platform out there.

#8 Tinypress ( )

Tinypress is another website which you can use in creating a free blog. Tinypress is a product of GitHub. While GitHub offers a free webhost service, Tinypress is used in customizing your blog. Tinypress features highly responsive themes, an Android app which you can use in editing and posting on your blog.

#9  Svbtle (

Svbtle is another website were you can create a free blog. Svbtle was designed to help you think and provide you with the best blogging ideas as well as everything you’ll need to create and publish your posts. The design on Svbtle is illustrous and users are allowed to customize layouts for maximum user experience.

#10 LinkedIn (

Many people see use LinkedIn to search for or advertise a job. However, LinkedIn can be used as platform for creating a free blog. Your blog will be created atop one of the largest social networking website in the world, this will give your content thousands of hits and could propel you to the pinnacle of the blogosphere. Although customization is quite restricted because you do everything on LinkedIn’s website.

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#11 Postagon (

Postagon does not want bloggers to go through the rigors of designing a blog from scratch, this is why they  aim to develop a complete blog for you in the shortest possible time after signing up. This website offers both a freemium service and a premium service too.

#12  Postach (

For those who have used Evernote before, Postach was developed by the owners of Evernote and allows users to freely create a highly customizable blog which you can manage from the comfort of the Evernote App.Postach offers both free and paid services to users.

#13 Ghost (

Ghost can be used freely to create your blog only if you can download it and install it yourself. The website is built on a web technology known as Node.js, this makes the blogs built on Ghost to be quite responsive and fast compared to other blogs.

Ghost offers loads of easily customizable themes which helps in creating an eye catching blog.

#14 Kirby (

Kirby is a content management system which makes the creation of your blog as easy as possible. You can easily customize your themes on the website too. You can create a blog on Kirby for free.

#15 Anchor (

Anchor is a content management system which was created to let the blogger focus on writing and less coding. The platform is free to use and offers you the opportunity to customize your posts with CSS, HTML and JavaScript if you know how.

#16 Scriptogram (

Scriptogram gives you the opportunity to create a blog at the snap of your fingers. All you need to do to start blogging using Scriptogram is to sign up. You can easily publish posts directly from your dropbox using any device by creating a Markdown file on dropbox and clicking publish when you’re done.

You can choose a theme from the wide range of Scriptogram’s easy to customize themes.

#17 Pen (

Pen offers a unique service for bloggers who simply do not want to go through the rigors of creating a blog. All you need to do is write your articles and publish on their platform for free. The website in turn helps promote your posts.

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Pen is a great option for freelance writers who intend on creating social proof without building a blog.

#18 Jekyll (

Jekyll is a Content Management System which allows you to freely create blogs based on your content. The fact that Jekyll powers GitHub shows you how powerful Jekyll could be. You don’t need to bother about your blog’s database if you’re using Jekyll, the website manages all that for you.

#19 Contentful (

What Contentful does for you is to separate and store your blog’s content and your blog’s design on their servers -this is referred to as “an API first approach”. Your content can easily be called and used if you want to develop a new blog.

Contentful allows you to create your blog on their website for free.

#20 Postagon (

I conclude by introducing Postagon, a free to use Content Management System which you can use to create your blog. Postagon helps you create a blog in the shortest possible time. The website offers social sharing and RSS feeds. Although customization on Postagon is a bit rigid.

Now it’s clear to you that a free blog cannot only be created on Blogger and WordPress, there are numerous great options out there for you to explore.

However for more questions or if you have great ideas, just think and Sons of Issachar Projects will help you execute. Also, do you need more details on publishing, book marketing, and process improvement? Contact 08030538099 or send a message to [email protected]

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