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Why Today’s Relationships are Fragile


If you have seen how the world has changed, you might understand why today’s relationships are fragile. Let us admit it: human relationships have become shallow. There is no bonding. There is no connectivity. Maybe, we have become too busy to notice this.

We’re confusing pleasure with love. Most of us are seeking external beauty. Some of us are trying to seek someone to just derive pleasure or to add something to our social status.

Amidst this chaos, life seems dry. Relationships have therefore lost their beauty. They have become self-satisfying processes.

Reason #1 ‘One-night stands’, ‘open relationships’, and ‘friends with benefits’; the labels are different but most of us have found new ways to derive pleasure without the necessity of a married partner. This could be one reason why the distance between two partners is increasing.

Reason #2 We have big dreams. We work hard. We have busy schedules. We are busy chasing success all the time. So, a healthy relationship has become second priority. Wealth and material success have taken first priority.

Reason #3 Sometimes, we just need someone to hang out with, a person to accompany us to the movies, bars, coffee shops and shopping. That’s all. We have stopped searching for someone who can understand us deeply and appreciate us for what we are.

 Reason #4 We are surrounded by attractive people. On a daily basis, we see and meet so many people. Whether it is in the local train, or office, or events or parties, we have more chances of seeing more people. So, when better options come, we are willing to cheat or dump a partner.

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Reason #5 Gadgets are hijacking our minds. Though we are physically near a partner, the mobile phone screen is what our are eyes and hands are glued to.

Reason #6 We have confused excitement with love. We expect a relationship to thrill us, excite us, entertain us and contribute to our joy. Normal things seem boring to us!


Praveen Kumar

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