I am no expert, nor do I have a fashion degree. But, like many of my sisters who love dressing up, I love clothes. That’s right I love clothes. My mother can testify to it and I know a lot of ladies dole out money to look good; dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets, jewellery; name it we have our eyes on it.

But where do we draw the line. How do we know when something is appropriate, decent, and just plain sensible? Let’s picture this scenario:

A lady has a presentation in her office on the improved profit that her team is bringing in with a particular product. Management consists of about fifteen people, mostly male.

For the presentation she decides to wear a tight fitted denim jacket, a mini skirt (mid thigh) and a transparent pink chiffon blouse with 6 inch black stiletto heels. Picture this attractive lady in her early thirties, light brown skin, eighteen inches of wavy windblown hair, and professional make-up with her signature killer red lip.

Sexy right? Well, let’s add to that imagination a little bit and say that she is a single, hardworking woman whom her team loves for her fairness and her candid leadership approach. Realistically, how do you think the presentation will go?

Unfortunately, we are born in to a world where people especially women are judged based on how they are dressed.

Dress how you mean to be addressed, a cliché but quite true.

Depending on the position you are in life, currently you might be a student, employee or employer, there is a certain way you should dress when going to certain places.

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When I was in school I remember seeing a lady wearing a long velvet dress with long sleeves and a thigh high split with a clutch bag to lectures. I just thought to myself, Ridiculous. So if you’re invited out to dinner, what are you going to wear?

I am sure the fashionistas out there know a lot about this stuff but let’s just list some scenarios and hopefully I would be helping some people out or just giving some people good reading material.

Try to get comfortable but always celebrate your femininity; that’s why you are a woman. Take a look at some of the examples below for some tips on how what to wear for some events:


Classes, Lectures, Campus wear: semi-formal can cut it. A nice blouse on a nice skirt, nothing too dressy or flashy. Or you can get more casual with jeans…not too tight. The idea here is that you are comfortable in what you wear and it is appropriate. Wearing a dinner gown for lectures is nothing short of absurd.

Business dinner: generally for a business dinner you should remember that you are still ‘on display’ to the client, dress conservatively.

Dinner: As a rule dinner dresses are usually long, from the simple to dramatic.

Cocktail: Commonly cocktail dresses are short (not skanky)

Always remember that you when you dress you should look clean, be comfortable and celebrate your femininity!

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