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Tips on Packing for a Weekend Getaway


Sometimes we make plans months ahead for a weekend getaway and other times the invitation just sort of pops up, making planning and packing very tricky.

Either way, most of us go through the same tricky process of deciding on how to go about packing: wondering if we’ve overpacked or underpacked.

Despite the indecision that comes with packing for a getaway, no one wants to be in the situation where halfway to the destination, we realise that ‘wow, I forgot my toothbrush and sleepwear’.

To avoid the little troubles and headaches that come with packing, here are some steps to take when preparing for your next weekend getaway:

Make a list

There is no harm in making a clear list of items you need for a getaway. While making this list, it is important to keep in mind that you are packing for only a few days and therefore there isn’t a need to overpack.

Get Travel-size mini containers for toiletries

As much as possible, try and reduce unnecessary items like tall cream, shampoo and conditioner bottles.

Getting several mini toiletry containers will make it possible to pack toiletries conveniently to last the weekend.

Don’t fold your clothes, roll them

Rolling clothing items in a luggage creates more space and accommodates more as opposed to folding.

Also, it makes more sense to pack by outfits and not just singular clothing items. By packing according to the outfit, it is possible to pack based on the number of days and types of occasions expected at the getaway.

Take along a carry-on bag

During the journey to your getaway destination, whether it is by road or air, you would definitely be in need of certain items.

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This bag can house books (for the bookworms), water flasks, magazines, camera, phone, charger, etc.

For extra convenience, you may want to carry the more essential items in a pouch (especially for in-flight situations.)

Pack a basic health kit

Most especially if you have allergies or are on some medication, it is important not to forget them.

Also, packing basic medication for pain relief, food poisoning and band-aids is important.

If you have taken these steps, you are good to go for your weekend getaway!

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