In homes, most of us can relate with the fact that the major issues amongst kids and parents is getting them to do their chores. Unlike playing games and watching TV which is fun filled. Kids show disinterest when it comes to chores, they become sluggish and end up not doing them rightly. As parents you get infuriated and would just prefer you did them yourselves so as to avoid yelling and getting headaches right? Hence the following guidelines will help motivate your kids in carrying out chores:

Spend time in teaching kids how to do certain chores before expecting them to get involved. Imagine you want your ten years old to wash his cloths; you need to dedicate time to teach him how to wash and show him areas to pay attention to when washing. Thus, this strategy should apply to other chores.

Chores should be chosen appropriately for various ages. Kids who are 3-5years can’t do the same chores with kids from 8-10years. 3-5years should help out in chores such as: dropping their dirty clothes into the laundry basket, take their plates to the kitchen after each meal and many more. Kids 8-10 years should help out in washing the dishes, tidying their rooms amongst others.

Remember kids find chores very boring and will often spend longer time than usual. Therefore set timings for chores. Take for instance “Janet in the next 15 minutes, I want your room arranged”. If kids don’t finish their chores within the allotted time, ground them for it. By doing so, the next time chores are assigned, they will finish within the allotted time.

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Set a structure in place to get your kids involved in chores. By structure, it means create periods and routines they should do chores such as: weekends, holidays and the likes. During these periods, the child will understand that he/she has responsibilities and will set their priorities right.

If kids refuses to do chores, do not hesitate to deprive them of a certain privilege until the chores are completed.

If kids are involved in helping out around the house, they grow into responsible adults who will appreciate, show respect and care for the home.

Roseline Obadiuno


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