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Tips For a Successful Job Interview

Tips for job interview

When you receive the mail congratulations, you have been invited for an interview, how do you feel? Considering the fact that you have been expecting a mail for the job interview, you might be happy, but there are few tips you need to know to have a successful job interview. These are discussed below:

Be confident

You must believe in yourself at a job interview because you got the invitation for a reason. The company saw your curriculum vitae, your online presence and heard something about you which made you distinct to be invited for the interview.

So, this is an opportunity you’ve got to proof that you are the right person for their needs. Walk in this belief and be confident on the specified day of the interview.

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Interview is about the employer’s needs

Sometimes, it feels like the interview is about you; but it is basically about the employer’s needs. The employer has a role to fill at its organisation. The role will require whoever is deemed fit to bring certain skills, values, talents and abilities to the table.

Therefore, always focus your conversation on understanding the company’s needs and how you have got what they need.

Focus on the values you want to bring to the table

You should talk about the things you are good at that would allow you to gain recognition in the role that they need to be filled. Focus on your strengthen; that is, what you are good at and what you’d bring to the table.

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Do not focus on the parts of the job that are your weakness. Also, dwelling on what you do not intend to bring to the table will only hurt you. If they discuss your weakness, discuss them in a very strategic way; then return to focusing on what you do bring to the table.

For example, “If you need someone who can come in here and do X, Y, Z then I’m not one. But if you want someone who is great at A, B, C, D and E definitely, that is me.”

Be Honest

During the interview, be honest about what you will bring to the table. They’d ask some unexpected questions. Do not panic, be calm and respond with honest replies. Since they invited you for the interview and your curriculum vitae is honest, then they should have a good idea of what you will bring to the table.

The company may still hire you despite your weakness. It may be small weakness that could be fixed before you start the job. Note, if the company determines that, it is a weakness that will be a risk to hire you then, the job is not meant to be yours.

Remember, you don’t want a job where you’d be all stressed out. You may be in over your head and still get fired. So, be honest and sell them what you’ve got.

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