In the society today, we hold the values of our culture so dear to us. Language which happens to be an important attribute cannot be underestimated.

Often times parents are worried that kids don’t understand or speak their local language. Hence, the following tips will serve as a guide for teaching kids how to speak your local language.

Start out early in teaching your child your local language. In the first year of a child’s life, begin to introduce the language. Remember kids mimics and they learn fast at this stage. In a situation where both parents don’t speak the same language, it is advisable for both to decide on which to teach the child. Hence, the parent should consistently teach and speak the language to the child so as to enable he/she get acquainted with the language as they grow. However, if you don’t start out early, it becomes difficult for them to get familiar with the speech pattern of the language.

Determination should be the goal of parents. Parents often get caught up in the frenzy of not speaking their local language to their kids due to the belief that it could hinder the child from speaking English language properly. There could be instances were kids mix up their local language and English in a sentence; this shouldn’t be a problem because gradually they will learn to separate the languages.

Consistency is key in teaching your child your local language. Parents put in much effort in teaching their kids English language. Nevertheless, such effort and time should also be invested in teaching kids to understand and speak your local language.

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If you have a babysitter or relatives who speak the same local language as you, encourage them to speak to your kids. By doing so, they begin to mimic some of the words they hear from the language. Soonest, they will understand their meanings and gradually start making sentences with them.

Purchase your local language CDs for your kids and ensure that the accent, words are properly spoken by a local speaker. as this will also be fun filled for kids.

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