At one point or the other, we have all experienced headaches which sometimes fade away on its own or through medical intervention. Migraine, which is a severe head pain can last for hours and can extend to days. Aside the intense or scorching pain on one side of the head or both, with feelings such as: nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, light and sound sensitivity, migraine attacks are known to be deadly if not properly treated.

Hence the following remedies will help relieve migraine whenever it occurs.

For women who have braids or weavon on, it is advisable to loosen it so as to reduce the pressure of the pain.

Getting a massage will help soothe the pain. An effective way to do so is to make sure the base of the scalp as well as the neck is massaged, by doing so,  the blood flow is stimulated and makes you relaxed thereby making the pain to gradually fade away.

Try hot or cold therapy depending on the one that relieves the pain faster. For hot therapy, when heat is applied, your muscle relaxes and the pain decreases. Moreover, for cold therapy, once you place ice pack on the affected area, it brings relief. Thus, choose which works best.

Brightness and light triggers more head pains for those who have migraine. This happens because sensory stimuli is one of the causes of migraine of which light happens to be one of them. Hence, it is advisable to reduce brightness by closing the curtains or blinds.

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In addition, rest and take a nap once a migraine occurs.

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