I call the white vinegar, the magic bottle and I always ensure I never run out of it.

Arhh, the many wonders of white vinegar. Vinegar is multifaceted, from nutrition to medicinal to household cleaning; the uses of vinegar are limitless. I keep discovering new ways to use the white vinegar.

Here are ten quick uses of white vinegar. 1. Add a tablespoon of undiluted vinegar while boiling your eggs to keep them from cracking.

  1. Never throw away you teacups/mugs due to coffee/tea stains. Simply scrub with vinegar.
  2. Is your refrigerator smelling due to spoilt food items (blame the epileptic power supply in Nigeria), worry no more. Mix equal amount of white vinegar and water, spray your refrigerator and clean it out.
  3. Sweat/deodorant stains at the under arm of your singlet/clothing’s? Simply spray the area with undiluted white vinegar before washing.
  4. Want sparkling mirrors/windows? Spray your mirrors/windows with diluted vinegar and clean as normal.
  5. Ran out of toilet cleaner? Or you want to simply save on that?  Pour 1 cup of white vinegar in the toilet bowl, let it stand for 5 minutes, wash as normal.
  6. My daughter’s lunch bag used to stink even after hand washing and running it through the washing machine. But that has changed now; I simply sprayed the inside with undiluted vinegar, left it to stand for some minutes and washed as normal.
  7. Sore throat due to the cold season? Gargle with diluted vinegar. (Please do not use this for kids because they may swallow).
  8. Do you need to deodorize your room? Spray diluted vinegar in the air for a fresh smelling room.
  9. Want you patent bags/shoes to shine? Spray diluted vinegar on them and wipe with a dry cloth.
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Incase you do not have a spray bottle; you can simply turn an empty body mist bottle into one. See my post relating to it here.

Do you have more creative tips on the uses of vinegar? Do share with us.


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