We all know that physical attraction is one of the main keys to an attraction. However, what happens when the beauty begins to fade?
This is why it is important to emotionally connect with him so that he sees you more than just a friend.
You need to understand that a man and a woman’s psyche are different.

Throwing a few jokes or stories is not a guarantee that you will get a part of his heart. You are probably afraid that if you express your true emotions, it will be a turn-off.

Yet, there are some women who naturally attract men to themselves.

The good thing is they learned this skill and you can too. It all boils down to getting acquainted with some personality traits.
First, you have to find out if he is emotionally available. This is because some have placed barriers that make them inaccessible emotionally. Examples of these kinds of men abound. The classic player, devoted husbands, committed businessmen who have cut off love, extreme conservatives.

If he is, then you move on to the stage of encouraging him to open up.

The biggest rule to take into cognizance here is that first impression matters and that includes your dressing and your grace. You want him to look forward to meeting you again and you want to look stunning all the time. You might want to look at your dress looks again.

The next step is mesmerising him intellectually. This will make him think you have something to interesting to contribute. Now that you have got his attention, stir up him emotional interest by using the right words and actions via planting ideas, flirting and being versatile in your conversations.

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Source: Guardian

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