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Three Different Ways to Draw Eyebrows

Even if you are rushing to head out, there is one step in your makeup routine that you cannot afford to skip. I am talking about drawing your eyebrows. Eyebrows are important facial feature because they frame your eyes, shape your face and make or break your entire look.

I know that mastering the way to draw your brows can be challenging for both make up experts and amateurs. But, here are three most common ways to draw eyebrows.

First, you must find your brow shape.

Do you want a thin, thick, straight, arched or angular brows?


There are variety of brow shapes you can choose to achieve your desired look. Well, not all brow shapes will look good on you. So, you need to be able to differentiate your natural brow shape. Then, you can work on how to elevate your over all look.

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Second, make sure your brow shape compliments your face shape.

There are some hairstyles that determine the look of your face. For example, a round bob hairstyles can make people with round faces look even rounder. While you try to fill your brow remember these tricks;

  • If you have angular face, make your brows less harsh to soften up your features.
  • A long brow will balance out your feature if you have an oval shaped face.
  • Shorter brows make you look more innocent.

Third, draw it the right way.

Groom it: simply groom your eyebrows even if your preferred method is threading, waxing, tweeting or trimming

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Brush it: when you use an eyebrow spoolie, comb upward starting from the front and ending at the tail of the brow.

Measure it: with your eyebrow pencil, draw it from the inner edge of your nostrils.

Fill it: you can do this by using small, light strokes until you are happy with your eyebrows’ shape and thickness.

Finally, you need to be on “fleek” often. Note that thick eyebrows are good a bold look while straight eyebrows tend to make you look younger and innocent.

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