Biologically, an adult is a human that has reached sexual maturity. In human context, the term adult additionally adds meanings associated with social and legal concepts.

The truth is, becoming an adult is not as fun as it looks. Today if you tell young people you are an adult you must be living on your own, earning your own way, have a spouse and a kid and a house.

There is so much to be gained from adulthood, feelings just become so much deeper. The feelings of sadness and loss are much than when you were a kid, but the feelings of love and happiness also have so much more dimension when you get older.

No one gets a handbook upon turning 18, complete with all the rules they’ll need to memorize and competencies they’ll need to acquire.

Below are some tips you need to become a functional adult;

  1. Be okay with being alone

Being alone and having alone time is the only way to really see what you want and figure out a way to get to it.

Being alone doesn’t have to mean being sad and lonely like in the movies, or that you dislike being around people and society. It just means you realize you can grow and appreciate your time without anyone one else or any certain place imposing on you.

  1. Imagine rude people as jellyfish.

The fact that jellyfish have survived for many years despite not having rains is great news for stupid people.

Whatever the event or situation, act as though you’ve been there. Jellyfish don’t respond to reason, they usually don’t respond to kindness and they will always show up to ruin a fun party. You just have to avoid, neutralize and in rare circumstances poke with a stick.

  1. Rationality.

As an adult, you need to be able to distinguish the feeling process and the intellectual process so as to have the ability to choose between having one’s functioning guided by feelings or by thoughts. Have a strong sense of identity and strive to live with integrity according to your own principles and values.

  1. Develop a good meeting face yet neutral expression.

Simply smiling can be one of the best ways to make a good impression on anyone. If you enter a situation without one, it could put a negative impression on a potentially difficult situation. And smiling just makes you feel happier and releases bad emotions.

  1. Ignoring money issues won’t make them go away.

When you’re broke, stacks bills and overdue notices are a huge source of anxiety and dread, but avoiding these problems and failing to manage your debts only makes them worse.

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A lot of young adults are burdened by student loans and other debt, yet they don’t realize there are a lot of options out there for them.

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