Things to consider before accepting a marriage proposal! It’s very easy to get lost in the excitement after being proposed to by someone we are in love with. But, no matter how in love you are with your partner, you should put certain things into consideration to avoid having regrets later on. Beauty will fade, your financial status might get worse or better, psychological value will change after getting more exposure and age as well, but certain things just won’t change. Don’t get blinded by excitement without considering these things before saying “Yes!” to a marriage proposal.


Before accepting to spend the rest of your life with someone, be sure what you feel for him is love, and not a mere infatuation, attraction, or even crush. Do not confuse all the aforementioned with love.


Lots of women have had their dreams relegated to the background because their spouse has no respect for them. Before accepting a marriage proposal, you should find out if your partner or fiancé respects your values and aspirations. If your partner respects you, he will put everything that makes you happy into consideration, including your career choice.


Don’t be in a haste to accept a marriage proposal without finding out things about your spouse’s family. Their relationship, their religious beliefs, culture, and most especially how they relate with each other. Your partner cannot be completely different from the way his family members behave or react to certain things. So, be sure to get yourself acquainted with his family as well, for if everything else changes, you definitely cannot change his family after all.

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When I say compatibility, I am not referring to your financial compatibility. I mean your emotional, mental and physical compatibility. Be sure whoever you are saying “Yes!” to is someone who thoroughly understands you in and out.  Your partner should know topics that you find uncomfortable, and not bring them up or force you to engage in any conversation relating to it. You both shouldn’t struggle to communicate, there should be a strong connection between you two that would you both enjoy conversations naturally. Watch out however if you have to force conversations most times, it’s not a good sign before marriage.

Finally, get your hands on “How To Know Your God-Ordained Wife” by Babatunde Oladele, to help you know what men also look out for in their partners before proposing marriage, and be happy you did.

If you put all these things into consideration before accepting a marriage proposal, then you might as well have a great union with your partner.

Chima Rachael J.

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