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Things Men Want to Hear from Their Women

Things Men want to hear

Hey there! It’s another Wednesday and it looks like it’s going to be the second edition of our “Crossover Wednesday.” Nothing has changed. I am still the same guy from Valour Digest. The only difference now is that I’ll be discussing with you the things men want to hear from their women.

You might wonder exactly why this is important. After all, actions speak better than words, don’t they? Well, in reality, while the statement is true, there’s a secret men have kept over the years. The secret is that, there are certain things you can say to us that will totally melt our hearts.

But, what are those fiery words that can thaw out the most frozen hearts? What are those things men want to hear from their women? Well, I’ll give you a few of them, but don’t let anyone know I told you!

We want to hear your compliments

Many of us like to receive compliments from you. Among other things, we want you to tell us we’re good looking. We also want you to tell us that our new workout routine has been paying off. Above all, we want you to tell us how great we are at something we do. As long as you’re honest about it, it’s sure to put a smile on our faces.

We want to hear words of appreciation

If men set up a collective account for every time they endured physical and mental work stress to provide for their women, the account would be frozen for exceeding maximum limit. Yes, it can be that bad sometimes.

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So, when we get back home into your arms, we want you to tell us how much you appreciate our hard work. More often than not, it’s these little words that fire us up the next morning to keep going.

We want to hear that you accept us

You know, there was once a story that was making rounds on social media. A guy was on a date with his girl and she asked him to write things he’d like to change about her that, and that she would do the same. Afterwards, they’d exchange their lists.

When they were finally done, they exchanged those lists and the girl’s list was filled with different things she wanted to change about the guy. The guy, on the other hand, simply said he wanted to change her last name to his own surname.

When he saw her list, compared to his own, it was heartbreaking. It meant she didn’t accept him for who he is. It might not seem like much, but we want to hear you tell us that you accept us for who we are. It’s a major confidence booster.

We want to hear random words of affection

Simple “I love you” out of the blue never hurts anybody. Men might be big, tough, and muscular on the outside, but we’re just as human as you are. So, as often as possible, randomly hit us with those cute words of affection. They’re the light in an otherwise gloomy day.

So, there are many other things men would like to hear from their women. However, these four sum up the most important ones. If you’re curious as to what women want from men, you should definitely check it out by clicking here!

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