There is no one-size fits all specification for what men want in a woman, but as a single woman you need to be virtuous to attract the right person. A woman without virtues will only attract the wrong person. These are a few tips to help you cultivate good virtues to attract the right man.


  1. Genuine interest in his person: a man wants a woman who is genuinely interested in him as a person; in his work, family members, and his children, if he has them. No man will consider a woman who is merely interested in his financial worth, fine looks, good physique and professional or social titles, as a good marriage candidate.


  1. Intelligence: A man will rate a woman with an ability to reason and think through matters to the point of providing a workable solution higher than one whose major asset is fine looks and alluring figure.


  1. Appropriateness of displayed intelligence: in the event where there is an argument, a man would be amused and proud to see his girlfriend taking on others in intellectual discourse. But the same man may become resentful if his girlfriend has a habit of arguing him out of point with the same intelligence he loves seeing in display.


  1. Grace and humility: Most men will be endeared to a woman who is graceful, cultured and carries herself well, yet is humble in her speech and dealings with others. Most men don’t like bossy women, except men who are naturally docile and don’t mind being bossed by their woman.


  1. Non-assertive: women who are over-assertive and argumentative naturally turn men off. A lot of ladies unknowingly lost out in getting a husband of choice and thereby prolong their spinsterhood days by showing how sound and vocal they are in claiming equal right or proving their point. No matter how right you are, be graceful about it. And as common as the word “grace” is, it is not common in people’s comportment. So, a graceful woman ranks high in a man’s option for lifelong settlement.
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  1. Dress well: men appreciate women who dress fashionably, without revealing certain vital parts, such as their cleavage, thighs and belly. Women who dress with these parts exposed are usually profiled in the mind of men as cheap and not a wife material.


  1. Men appreciate women who are warm to their family members, and are not cold or disrespectful towards them. Another thing that men do is to compare how a woman treats her own family in comparison to how she treats his own. Once a man observes some level of partiality, he may become uncomfortable with the idea of settling with that woman for the long haul.


  1. Men love women who make them feel like a man by asking their opinion, seeking their advice, and allowing them to handle certain situations or tasks that demand some physical exertion. Most men aren’t attracted to macho women who are always trying to prove a point that ‘whatever a man can do, a woman can equally do or do better.’


  1. Most men like women who are homely and domesticated, women who can cook, take care of the house and of themselves. Men like women who can organise them and help them to be more productive. Men usually spy the apartment of their woman to see how kept and organised it is, as this could be an indication of how their home would be managed.


  1. Peaceful women: men like women who would give them peace of mind, and not one who has baggage of issues or who has a penchant for troublemaking, as it is not a good idea to retire home from a hard day at work only to resume for a night shift of mental exertions or crisis management at home.
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  1. Minimal makeup: most men do not consider as a wife material women who use heavy make-up. Excessive padding of the face and other parts of the body immediately suggests that a woman is trying to make up for some deficiencies. It also suggests vanity. Men don’t like to marry a vain woman.


  1. Religious: Men like and are more comfortable with devout women. Even when they are not as faithful themselves, most men would rather settle down with a woman who is God-fearing. The thinking is that such woman will be able to guide her children on the right path. It is because men fall for this trap quite easily that some women have used it to attract many into marriage only to later realise that they are not as reformed as they had imagined.


  1. Stability: It is true that unpredictability sparks chemistry, but when it comes to marriage, men prefer women who are stable and are not given to frequent changes in mood, attitude, mannerism, etc.


  1. Warm, but not flirtatious: Feminine warmth is most demonstrated in maternal instincts, in care, concern, empathy, solidarity and all. Flirting is easily seen in body language, the eyes, and content of communication. Men prefer women with the first quality for life partnership, the latter they keep for casual affair.


  1. Respectful: Men love women who respect and celebrate them. Respect is perhaps the biggest intangible need of man. So any woman who is respectful in her dealings with men, and have other things in place, will have more marriage proposals than she can cope with.


This list is not exhaustive, but I guess they are be enough to help you attract the right guy.

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