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Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Bag

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Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Bag

Women should always be ready for anything, anyone and at all times. Since life is unpredictable, there are a few things you need to keep in your bag to prepare you for emergencies. So, it is essential to replace the less important items with the most important ones in your bag.

While I am jealous of ladies who do not feel the need to carry large bags, I still think it is necessary for your day-to-day needs. Some ladies carry cute little bags with their keys, wallet and phone because that  is all they need. Today, we’d be sharing the essential things women should pack before stepping out of the house.

A Notebook, Pen or Pencil

If you are a constant idea jotter, then you should always hold a notebook or notepad and pen or pencil. This is because nothing frustrates one than having an idea or plan and having nothing to record them. Of course, you could use your phone but there is something magical about using an actual note.

Makeup Items

This is for ladies who do their makeup on the go due to their work or plans. Even if makeup is not your thing, you can keep the basics such as lip stick or powder for touch ups throughout the day.

If you’re not already a big fan of makeup items, it’s only normal. However, given its importance in your bag, it’s equally normal that you try to get the bare minimum in a makeup kit. EricDress is a great way for you to begin. All you’d need is to click here and then browse through a catalog of items that’ll suit your taste.

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A Pack of Tissue Paper

Are you wondering why you need tissues? I mean, this is for the sake of emergencies. It is needed when you need to use the ladies’ room or cry during a sad movie. Also, you can clean dirty surfaces and show kindness to strangers with your tissues.

Hair Ties and Bobby Pins

No doubt, this will eventually get lost in the black hole where all hair ties and bobby pains go, so you need to stock up. You can use it to hold your open shirts or to hold your hair in place when needed.

Face Wipes

Wipes give a refreshing effect. They are great to clean up the small messes that can befall you during the day, like drink spills of drink in your car or bag or getting makeup off your face.

Sanitary Pads

This should be the very first thing you should always carry in your bag because you never know when those periods knock on your door and bug you. Sometime, a friend or colleague might need it.

A Snack

Remember, a hungry Annie is an angry Annie. So, try to keep an energy drink and snack in your bag on the days when you are on the go.

Keeping personal and important items in your hang bag is very necessary.

So, what do you keep in your bag? Moreso, are you a tiny purse or a big bag person? I’d love to know in the comment section.

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