Dr Anne Weyinmi  Francis is a medical Doctor currently  in her mid 30s.
An  itsekiri by tribe but married to an Urhobo lovely husband with 3 beautiful Daughters and With a passion to make and impact and difference in her chosen path.
She attended randle avenue primary school and Clegg girls high school in Lagos State after which she proceeded to university of Benin where she got her degree in medicine and surgery,and currently on her masters in public health.

She is currently the MD/CEO Blue Orchid located at 1 Soko estate Road ,Effurun
Delta State. Call contact:07032341518
Instagram and facebook:@blueorchidhealthstore
Email:[email protected]

The business is subdivided A  clinic,which provides primary health care,emergency,diagnostic and occupational health care services and Nutritional and wellness company Which addresses the nutritional and wellness needs of individuals
The company engages in More of preventive healthcare through physical exercise and proper nutrition,it also has a weight management and healthy food segment which attends to the growing need to curb obesity.

In an Interview with TEN MAGAZINE, she narrated her major challenge while growing in business as 1. Funding issues 2. Electricity 3. Lack of good roads 4. Water supply etc.

She further advice young emerging Entrepreneurs in quote: The message to younger ones is even though the challenges in business in Nigeria are numerous,don’t let ur dream die, Keep dreaming,keep ur passion alive.

She thanked the Mayorkings Agency the official Organizers of the Delta State Entrepreneurs Recognition Awards stating that she’s Honoured and such is  an opportunity to get the brand out there To inspire young people and that If a young person can see this and be inspired then my work is done.

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Her brand is currently being nominated as an awardee at the Delta State Entrepreneurs Recognition Awards 2017 holding at Orchids Hotel Dbs Road Asaba Thursday December 14th on the category MOST OUTSTANDING HEALTH SERVICES COMPANY OF THE YEAR.


Credit:  The EntrepreneursNg Magazine

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