Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you that was the song that woke me up on Saturday morning, oh! It was my birthday and that is my husband singing for me. Olumide is so romantic, I couldn’t have asked for more because he is more than I wanted. I opened my eyes with a smile on my face and guess what my husband made me breakfast on bed. Uhnuhn, I couldn’t hold back the tears. Olumide came to me on the bed and showered me with enough kisses and hugs, and as usual he prayed for me and sang more romantic songs. That man is so full of love; we had breakfast on bed, scrambled egg and bread with coffee, and my birthday was a memorable one because it was what we had that day that brought about my little angel Tamilore.

Olumide why are you coming back by this time, and you couldn’t put a call to me, still speaking I moved closer to my husband and my own Olumide smelling of alcohol. Oh my God, when did you start drinking? I demanded authoritatively and the response I got shocked me, my husband gave me a big slap which took me 20secs to recover from, and this marked the beginning of more slaps and hits. I wonder how a romantic, all loving, full of care Olumide can turn into Muhammed Ali, the boxer. Without exaggerating he practices his newly found skills on me 2 to 3 times a week.

Folakemi what are you still doing with that useless guy, do you want him to kill you or what? you are doing yourself no good by staying there.  Folakemi! damilohun, am your mother and I can’t give you the wrong advice, you have to move out of that house now. Mummy thanks very much, but you know I can’t leave him, I love Olumide and I am praying for him. I don’t want Tamilore to grow up hating his father, my mother said ok and told me to take care of myself and that she will call me back.

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Pastor please you need to help me , Olumide is now a boxer, he beat me every day, am broken and I don’t want to leave him, sister Folakemi I understand you and I appreciate the fact that you are looking for a way to get your husband back and keep your marriage. We shall continually pray for him and hope for the best. Sis Folakemi you have to fast and pray for 3days for your husband and I believe that after this he will come around. After the fasting Olumide’s ill acts persisted, he still keeps late nights and comes home each day drunk to stupor but I didn’t relent, I kept on praying for him and believing God for his restoration.

On a fateful day, I was on my way from evening  church service with Tamilore when I saw my Olumide coming out from a hotel with a lady, I didn’t first believe my eyes, I rubbed my eyes to be sure it was him and that the fasting did not affect my sight. This can’t be my own Olumide I said to myself. Oh God why! Lo and behold , my eyes isn’t deceiving me afterall, this is real, I ran home with  Tamilore wailing like a baby, my son kept on asking me what is wrong,  how can I relate this with a 3years old baby?

Out of depression I went naked in the room to challenge God have I done anything wrong to deserve this that am getting? After fasting and praying? I never backslided so why must this happen to me. My very own Olumide, the all loving husband?  Several things kept popping up in my head, the songs, the breakfast on bed, our conversations, vows, the I love you quest. Where has all these gone to, I asked God. And in my spirit I felt the presence of God telling me it is well. I believe him again.

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In thoughts, I slept off waking up with a nice aroma from the kitchen and I jumped out of the bed, thinking I was dreaming or someone had entered the house but to my greatest surprise I found my own Olumide in the kitchen with apron, making breakfast. I was so moved that I started singing praises to God, Olumide turned back and saw me, he walked to me, fell on his knees and apologized for all his wrongs, he was so sorry. All I could do was bless God for restoring my husband, Muhammed Ali is gone, no more punching, late night and everything was all rosy now. My mother called and I relate all to her and she says “the patience dog indeed eats the fattest bone”.

As a woman of virtue, you don’t run away from challenges but you stay and tackle it because God hasn’t given you the spirit of fear but that of boldness and sound mind. Fight for your marriage and don’t run away from it.




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