The total woman is a unique individual who is multi-talented and endowed with creative abilities. She is completely focused and highly organized; she is virtuous and God-fearing and has all the requirements to be a helper. One of the qualities that singles out the total woman is her extraordinary organizational skills to build a budding career, and at the same time, manage her home effectively. The scripture gives real examples of women who are total in every aspect of life. Lydia, a single businesswoman was a dealer in expensive fabrics, (Acts 16: 14-15). Pricilla was a career woman and a wife, she made tents with her husband, (Acts 18:23).

You will also find another model of a godly career woman in the book of Judges, where Deborah led Israel. The definite quality all these women have in common is that they are believers, spiritual in every way yet they reflected God whether in or out of their homes. It is important to note that a woman is not an afterthought; her gender and role were preconceived even before she came into being.

God spells out the role of the total woman in Genesis 2:18, she is to relate with respect to the man who is to be her husband. She is a suitable helper because she is fashioned to be one; she is to assist her husband in the home front. It is only wisdom for every woman to be contented with her role, focus on it, and be diligent to the point of excellence. This leads to peace and harmony in the home and as a result, in the nation. No man can completely fit into the role of a woman no matter how much he tries. Likewise, the woman’s ability to stick to her divine role gives her eternal grace.

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The Qualities of the Total Woman:

  1. A burden bearer: whether you are single, married or widowed, the grace to be a burden bearer is inherent in you. As a help-meet, your role to support your husband to accomplish God’s purpose guarantees you a fulfilling life as well. A burden bearer does not aggravate the husband’s issues; she gives him all the love and support to surmount such issues. Sarah bore Abraham’s burden, her patience during difficult times is worthy of emulation.
  2. Let God be your first point of call: without Him, no human can go far; God must come into the picture as far as it concerns your life and aspiration. He is Alpha and Omega, so trust him with your life and endeavor. He gives you strength to manage your home and fulfill purpose as a woman.
  3. The total woman is prayerful: prayer is a very important factor in the life of a woman. It is difficult and frustrating to fulfill purpose if you are not prayerful. Set time out to pray, observe this ritual judiciously. Remember Hannah discovered the solution to her predicament in the place of fellowship. You will find solace and succor in the place of prayer.
  4. The total woman is submissive: submission is difficult, but it is a command from God, irrespective of your age or status. Submission opens the door to peace, joy, unity and fellowship in the home. It is pretty difficult to find a man who will not associate positively with a submissive wife. Let your submission be absolute and void of pretense.
  5. The total woman is discerning: to discern simple means, to have a pre-knowledge of something, your ability to foresee a thing that is not obvious to others. Most men are irrational when it comes to decision-making, your input is expedient in such category. Understand that every decision your husband takes will not only affect him, it will affect the entire family.
  6. The total woman is an entrepreneur: a goal-oriented woman wants to increase the wealth of her family when she sees such opportunity. She is always on the lookout for other avenue to increase their income. Like the Proverbs 31 woman, her goal is not to find identity, but to be a channel of blessing.
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Keep the right attitude as the total woman; be excited in the journey of life. Do not be too harsh on yourself; be realistic in your daily goals because you can’t do it all. Break the patterns of doing too much, recognize your limitations and delegate your tasks when necessary. Note that this is not a sign of weakness, it is simple wisdom. Balance your tasks between priorities and demands; do not be hindered by them. Above all, enjoy your life woman, it is up to you.




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