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The Starting Point (1)

Lady in Prayer

Every woman’s starting place is in God. Every manufacturer produces a manual for a product so that the buyer can maximize his/her purchase by enjoying all the functions that accompanies the product. Hence, it’s only wise for each woman to begin her soul search in God so as to be able to maximize all the innate capacities and potentials embedded in her by God. However, to begin your soul search, you should first of all have a relationship with God. You must not only know God as your Creator but much more as a Loving Heavenly Father who has your best interest at heart.

God desires that we have an intimate relationship with Him where we let out our fears, cares, frustrations, pains, aches, longings, aspirations, lofty dreams and just be ourselves free from facades and unnecessary pretensions. Free from fear of disapproval or labelling. Free from wagging tongues and witch hunting. Free from guilt of past misdeeds and abuse. A song writer once composed a song titled ‘Free’ which goes thus: ‘Free to lift my hands, free to say Amen, free to know that someday I will rise again, I’m free, free to live not die, free to thrive again and because of Your Love I know, I’m free’ (paraphrased).

It is only in Christ that we have liberty to be who we were created to be without an iota of fear. The Bible says ‘it is in God we live, move and have the totality of our being’. This implies that we can never function maximally outside of God. Therefore, it is imperative that we pursue our relationship with God vigorously. Nothing satisfies the longing of our souls besides God. God deliberately ordained it that way so that as we keep walking with Him in close relationship, He’ll in turn endue us with capacity beyond our human ability to live purposefully and make uncommon impact.

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You’ll observe that when you crave for a particular thing, it could be a pent house in a highbrow area, the latest edition of Ford or Mercedes SUV, an exotic vacation to the Caribbean Islands, an expensive jewellery or a designer dress, after a while after which you have satisfied your craving, you move on to the next craving; that is, another desire crops up which underscores the fact that within each of us lies an inner hollow which no material possession can fill except God. The Bible says God set Eternity in our hearts. We were made by God and for God. Consequently, we should live our lives with that consciousness.

Right from the first man ‘Adam’ to the last Adam ‘Jesus’, God has always desired us to have deep fellowship with Him. It is recorded in Genesis 3:8 that God did come to the Garden of Eden in the cool of the day to commune with Adam. Little wonder that even after Adam and Eve messed up and had to be sent out of the beautiful abode they once enjoyed, God still came up with a rescue plan for them by sending Jesus to bridge the gap once created by sin so as to restore man’s relationship with God.

Hence, I posit that we seek a love relationship with God. A relationship borne out of true love for God and deep gratitude for all He is to us. He is Love personified and our finite minds can never grasp the depth, height, and breadth of His Love for us. None could be a better lover than God. Imagine someone who knows all of you- your past, glaring continuous misdeeds, inadequacies, weaknesses, frailties etc, yet, chooses to shower you with His love. This is because regardless of how adulterated your past may be, your future remains a glorious virtue. A song writer once sang You are the Love of my life, You are the Hope that I cling to, You mean more than this world to me, I won’t trade You for silver or gold, I won’t trade You for riches untold, You are, You are my everything’.

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