She had finally arrived at her destination
There was no turning back, forever was in view,
Her past was erased in the twinkle of an eye
She thought she had it all together
Her whole world began to fall apart

The storm began to rage
Suddenly, her knight in shining armor’s skin began to peel
Like the chameleon, he shed them off layer after layer
His real image was revealed…

His eyes shot out like they were ready to be plucked
His bulging ears could contend with that of a baby elephant’s
He roared like a lion ready to devour its prey
The ground he stood on shook like they were about to cave in

She was hit by a Tsunami
She tried to hide her foolishness under a guise
Ripples of shock seeped through her bones
Her legs gave way and her eyes turned 360 degrees
Like a victim from Titanic, She stood there frozen

Her worst nightmare became her reality
The future has been shattered in seconds
And she has given her vows to the devil’s advocate
On a platter of gold, she surrendered her destiny
And her lot forever sealed in his bosom for eternity

Mama’s words flooded her mind like a whirlwind
As much as she willed the tears from within
The more emptiness she felt
There was no escape route

The last she remembered
She had bid the world goodbye,
And terminated every contract with its inhabitants
She had forsaken all for this very life…

The road is now in the oblivion
Its paths erased by Tsunami
The destruction was irreparable
She had reached a point of no return…

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