Mama’s preaching resounded in her ears;
Words are deceitful
So are actions
There is more than meets the eye
It takes the wise to figure it out
The more you look, the less you see


Do not thread in the company of fools
Avoid the paths of the confused
Pay no attention to their biddings
It profits nought and saps life


It draws the strength of your youth
And renders your future empty
It offers the juiciest wine in the vineyard
Yet never quenches your thirst


But she wants to live life to the fullest
She assumed the road was free
She thought it led to paradise and that
It offered the best things in life
Little did she know she was at the crossroads


Then she changed her course
And stumbled on this creature
He was drop dead gorgeous
An epitome of strength and youthfulness
His innocent eyes shone like the stars
His words like sweet honeycomb
He had it all together


He promised her forever
These were the most convincing words she ever heard
She felt like the wind and rain
Her weary bones became stronger
Her tired eyes popped out like homemade popped corn


She had finally arrived at her destination…

To be continued…

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