Ripple effect means a gradual spreading of effect or influence which is usually caused by a single action or event. Truth be told, every little thing we do has an effect on something or someone else or the society as a whole; whether directly or indirectly. Let me tell you this story to illustrate my point.

Let me tell this story to illustrate my point.

A guy was walking by the roadside and dropped a pen on the road, which had stopped working. An old man saw this pen and decided to pick it up, while he was making an effort to pick up the pen, he unintentionally hit a guy who was carrying oranges. The guy carrying oranges, in an attempt to save his oranges, hit some other person’s goods. Consequently, the goods scattered on the floor and a commotion ensued as people were trying to help pick the goods. The commotion distracted a bus driver who didn’t seem to notice that the traffic light had turned red. Unfortunately, the bus driver hit a girl who was crossing the road and the girl died in an instant.

This girl’s death was actually caused by a ripple effect of the guy dropping a pen by the road side. This is because if he had actually held on to the pen, the old man would not have made an attempt to pick it up, thereby colliding with an orange seller who would also not have collided with the goods on display, and the driver would not have been distracted.

That’s what just a single event or action can do. The whole idea of ripple effect does not just work in a negative way; it works in a positive way too. Someone comes with the idea of bread; this results in the idea of bread spreads like butter, mayonnaise, peanut butter, jam, etc.  All these ideas contribute positively to our food value chain.

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When we are conscious of the importance of each action, word, thought, we then guard our actions and consciously. A statement said jocularly but interpreted seriously may have ripple-effect consequences in the future.

Make the ripple-effect syndrome a tool to achieving the greatness you desire rather than having it become a stumbling block to your growth and enrichment. Be deliberate about everything you say and do. This is part of living life on purpose and living a purposeful life. When we are deliberate, we place more value on ourselves and how we live our lives.  Remember, we owe it ourselves to leave everyone and every place better than it was before an encounter with us.


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