Joseph still remains one of the greatest role models for dreamers in the world today. As a dreamer, (should I assume that you know who a dreamer is and what dreams are? If not, you wouldn’t be reading this) I considered the life of Joseph and other great men, whom I’ll be mentioning as you read.

I realized that there was something distinct about these great people; and it’s their precocity. As children and teenagers, they were acting towards their dreams and were responsible!

Joseph, a 17year old guy who was his father’s favourite took care of the sheep and goats with his brothers. He wasn’t a spoilt brat! He didn’t use his father’s love as an excuse for indolence. He took up responsibility; he led animals before leading humans. He already had dreams even as a young chap!

At age 14, Ben Carson was already thinking about his future. Myles Munroe had his first vision when he was 5. But at age 14, he started studying the scriptures where he discovered great principles that turned his life around. What about our Saviour Jesus? He started preaching and teaching in the temple at age 12. John the Baptist grew up in the wilderness in preparation for his assignment. And David? As a young man, he took care of his father’s flock and was also using his gifts. And me? I was a voracious reader, thinker, and writer! The toilet was one of my libraries. I couldn’t imagine sitting in there with nothing to glance through. My people have left me to my fate.

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What am I driving at? You can discern a great dreamer even from his childhood and adolescence. You’ll sense that there’s something different about him/her. Such child is first of all self-motivated! You don’t need to coerce him to study, practice his writings, practice his music, make his drawings etc.

My heart bleeds for the youths of this generation. Many people are in their twenties and don’t even know what they want in life, let alone become responsible during childhood!  In class one day, my lecturer asked a guy, “what are your life goals?”
He replied, “To be successful.”

I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t want to be successful. This generation is filled with people who have pledged their allegiance with television sets, social media, and empty ventures!  Today, parents and their children compete with the award of the ‘best movie watcher.’

Myles Munroe’s mother told him when he was spending hours on television, “The more you watch TV, the more you’ll never get on TV!”

He thought about this and substituted the time he spent watching T.V for reading books! Today, he’s an immortal writer.

The Bible recorded that Jesus and John grew in body and also in wisdom. It’s so unfortunate that majority of children today are only growing in body, but not in wisdom!

I’m not saying there are no authentic dreamers in our generation, at least, I am one. And I believe you are one too. The fact that you’re reading this is a proof. But the percentage of dreamers is nothing compared to those who don’t know where they are going in life. Hey! It’s not too late! Think about your life and re-strategize! It’s my earnest desire that we young people rule our world! See you at the top!


Olu Mabel


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