The fact that your tongue may be used helpfully, for the glory of God and for the blessings of others; or may be misused by bringing sorrows and tears to others, and in the process hinders you from moving forward shows that words have power.

The tongue represents your ability to speak and your speech has the potential for causing great harms. It is said, the death and life are in the power of the tongue. Well, it is normal to speak. You do not have to stop talking just out of concern that you might say something harmful. The key is to control yourself.

What are the Keys to Control Your Tongue?

Not Every Thought Needs to be Expressed

In a world where you have the freedom of expression and the opportunity to voice out your opinion, you need to be very cautious of how you air your opinion. When you talk too much, you’d sin again God and Man. So, don’t waste your breathe and remember that, silence is powerful.

Listen More, Speak Less

It might be hard to listen to others and not feel the need to interrupt just to say your words and be heard. According to Mark Goulston, “one reason some people are long-winded is that they are trying to impress their conversational counterpart with how smart they are, often because they don’t actually feel that way underneath…” Therefore, be a listener and avoid talking too much.

Don’t Say What You Don’t Mean

Most times, you are told to inform people what they want to hear, even when it is not true. But, honesty is the best policy because flattery is so pervasive in today’s world. Say what you mean, but at the right time. Don’t speak at the wrong time. Control your words.

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Lastly, there is power in your words, and you must use them carefully. This is because kind words soothe the soul and harsh words cut like a knife!

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