As a believer, you should be conversant with these words: “now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not visibly seen…” Hebrews 11:1-3. Faith is abstract as the word rightly implies, we cannot quantify it, but we can identify with it as Christians. For every battle we have lost or won, for every dream and aspiration, for every record of success, for all the pains we have had to endure; they are the reflection of our belief.  This belief is, however, influenced by a supernatural factor, and we most definitely cannot deny our devotion to it; this is the very essence of our Christianity. Faith is the reason we completely trust and serve the God we have never seen physically. We have experienced His immeasurable love in every facet of life; at one point or the other. We understand that by faith, the world was established, out of nothing, the world was given an identity.

Faith is beyond your trust in an unseen God, your entirety and existence is hinged on your belief and hope in the one true God. If these words are not clear yet, please pay a little attention. My very good friend and I had a heart-to-heart discussion on the many trials and tribulations we are faced with as believers, despite the distractions, we continue to serve this God; this is faith! The times are perilous, the world has no solution to the strange happenings that has plagued it in recent times, (although some strongly believe they have solution for every trial they face).  To an extent, I concur to this after all; “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he”; as long as it is our belief, it becomes our reality.

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To a lay man, faith is absolute believe in a person or a teaching without any iota of doubt. However we view or describe faith, there is no separation between our realities and that very thing we put our hope or trust in; they cannot be detached. We also know that it is impossible to please God, if we do not attest to the fact that He is our creator; and so, our existence is dependent on Him. The scripture says He rewards those who seek Him day and night. One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is faith, and it is one of the best gifts at that; Galatians5: 22-23. Faith is not something you can think, imagine or fathom; it is beyond our imagination, knowledge, and wisdom; it is our lifestyle.

To an extent, every believer should have a measure of faith (trust, belief, hope), in order to operate or partake in the supernatural. Sincerely, you should have a level of trust or be optimistic about certain beliefs and practices in your life; if not, there would not be any reason or optimism for doing certain activities. We are not under any obligation to have the same measure of faith as our brothers and sisters in Christ, a measure is just enough for us to do the miraculous and live a victorious life. There is no form of competition in this; partiality does not come into the picture, and your requests are granted on the basis of your faith.

Let us consider Jesus’ opinion on the measure of faith every believer must possess, he described our level of faith as follows:

  • Little or small faith, as small as the size of a mustard seed. Matthew 17:20; just a little measure is required from you in order to move mountains.
  • No faith, Matthew 13:58; those who do not have faith would be rewarded.
  • Great or big faith, Matthew 15:28; for everyone who believes absolutely, great shall be their reward.
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In addition to this, the men and women who had access to immeasurable blessings and miracles Jesus performed got it on the premise of their beliefs. There was something significant about these set of people (faith), they were totally bought over by the power and authority Jesus possessed; and were completely delivered from their afflictions. Getting desired result from prayers depend on our individual measure of faith; so faith is the bedrock of our relationship with the almighty God.


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