You know you can do the job. And you know you can do it perfectly. So, what’s the problem? The issue that arises from being able to do something, and being able to do it well, is that it’s often difficult to delegate this responsibility to someone else.

Then what happens? Little by little, this occurs more and more. And here you are…a superhero in a cape, saving the world and doing EVERYTHING there is to do.

Just because we CAN do things, doesn’t mean we SHOULD do them all the time, especially when there are others out there who can help.

When others are helping, all of a sudden your time is freed up for reaching that goal you’ve been meaning to start working on, to get that business project done that you’ve been procrastinating on, to enjoy more of your favorite hobby, or to hang out more with those you love.

Do you always do all the grocery shopping? Maybe your spouse can handle this for you every third week in the month so you can work on your new business or your quilting project during that time.

Do you always fold the clothes? Maybe your kid can take on this responsibility. Work on the job with her three or four times, until she can do it herself. This will not only teach her responsibility, but you can then do the dishes at the same time. It doesn’t have to be done perfectly…that will come with practice.

Do you always mow the lawn? You may want to hire a lawn cutting service, or an adept teenager in town.

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Yes, it’s fun to wear that cape sometimes and proclaim to the world that you are awesome. Hey, you are! But even superheros can benefit from spreading out the workload. Keep in mind, Batman doesn’t work alone.

Besides, it’s fun to pass on those superhero powers to others now and then.


Maria Gracia, founder of Get Organized Now!™, specializes in helping people get better organized to live the kind of stress-free life they’ve always dreamed of.  You can find more of her resources at


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