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The Love Languages (3)- Receiving Gifts

Love Languages- Physical Touch

Gifts are visual expressions and symbols of love. This means, giving and receiving of gift is not all about the item being offered or received, but the value lies in the gesture as a way of showing that your partner has been on your mind, that the preferences they voice are heard and that their time and smile are invaluable.

Our previous posts in this series have taught us how to speak the Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service love languages. Today, we’d continue the series by explaining the Receiving Gifts as a love language and how to speak it with your partner.

Giving is more materialistic in nature. Although, it is expected that you give your partner some gifts while in a relationship but for some it is a different kind of game; it is everything. This is because it is their primary love language. According to Gary Chapman, the author of the book The Five Love languages, there is an innate predisposition of human beings to give to those they love. At the same time, it is a universal expression of affection that most societies and cultures can understand and relate to.

To please someone who prioritises gift giving, you will need to remember all the special dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, promotions and special occasions and get them a thoughtful and mind-blowing package to celebrate the event.

Also, you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to celebrate and offer them a gift, flower and lots more. Partners with this particular love language need you to show your appreciation on a regular basis. It could be through the tinniest stuff such as a sweets, cookies or assorted drinks.

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How Do You Speak the Love Language, Receiving Gifts?
  • Listen carefully to your partner’s favourite colour and items.
  • Make a list of the items and preferences as they are voiced and use it to make decisions when buying them a gift.
  • Think of gift giving as a sentimental expression and not in terms of material values.
  • Make it a habit.
  • Consider buying gifts that will strengthen your relationship. It serves as an opportunity to deepen your connection. For example, matching wrist watches, neck pieces or hoods can be a good idea.

Receiving gifts is a special love language, and Gary Chapman added that, “the most important thing is not the gift but the emotional love communicated by the gift.”

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