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The Love Languages (2) – Acts of Service

Love Languages- Physical Touch

If your partner’s popular saying is “actions speak louder than words,” then it’s a sign that their love language might be Acts of Service. Last week, we discussed Words of affirmation as a love language. Unlike acts of service, words are everything for a partner who speaks words of affirmation as their love language.

Acts of service in intimate relationships is the language that can best be described as doing something your partner would like such as watering the plants, cleaning the house, washing the car or pressing the cloth. When giving acts of service, you give your time and energy.

It is a non-verbal way of expressing your love and it could be exhausting but if it’s the major language then, it’s worth your time. Also, the language does not make you a lazy nag; it’s just a demonstration of love.

When acts of service is involved in a relationship, there is no room for assumptions. You have to communicate always. You need to make them understand why you love them doing some activities for you and how you feel when the language is spoken.

Tips to Communicate Acts of Service
  • Clearly state to your partner the kind of service you value. Don’t expect your partner to read your mind. Speak out! This helps them to prioritise those actions.
  • Acknowledge their actions and say thank you. It may feel normal but, it is not your right. It is done out of love.
  • Pay attention to the small things.
  • Consider what your partner doesn’t enjoy doing
  • Focus on the acts you can accommodate into your schedule.
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Even if your partner prefers another language, acts of service can be beneficial for every healthy relationship. You need to be patient and kind as you ask for things you want from your partner. Also, it is not easy to exhibit the language and you shouldn’t assume your partner will do everything you ask just because you prefer acts of service.

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