It’s a Monday morning and you are in a rush to get to work. If you are late, your boss willscold you, or possibly fine you! You are at the bus stop and you hear the conductor shout, ‘Yaba! Yaba!‘ You quickly board the bus and sit down.

While you are almost at your bus stop, the conductor gets in an altercation with a woman because of change. He threatens to beat her, and he is almost pulling out his belt. You feel he is wrong and you should speak up, but you also feel it’s none of your business; you are not the only one in the bus, and if others aren’t doing anything to defend the lady, then you don’t have to. So, you just get down on the bus, and take a bike to work.

In the afternoon, you are going for your lunch break. Alittle boy stops you and says “Bros, please I haven’t eaten since yesterday, please give me 20 naira”. You want to give him, but then you have a second thought, perhaps the boy is just being greedy; and he had probably eaten. So, you ignore him and go ahead to enjoy your lunch break.

You finally closefrom work, exhausted; and on your way home, your phone rings. It’s an old school friend, you wonder why he is calling since you guys haven’t spoken in years; you ignore the call because you are too tired and need to get home and rest. And then you are home, your wife asked how your day has been. You say it’s fine but complain it wasn’t fulfilling; you are not getting a chance to do enough good in the world. You tell her maybe you might have to quit the job.

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What you didn’t know is that you had a lot of chances to do goodoutside of your job that day, but you missed them. The conductor who threatened to beat a lady on the bus, later acted on his words, he hit the lady on the head and she collapsed and died at the side of the road.

The boy you thought had eaten and must have been greedy, fainted after you left and was diagnosed with an ulcer, and the friend whose call you didn’t pick was at the third mainland bridge, wanting to commit suicide. His call to you was his last attempt to talk to someone, to see if anyone cared; but after you ignored his call, he felt he had no hope and dived into the river.

Only if we took a little time to pay attention to other people; only if we stood up for someone who was being treated unfairly; only if we have had a little faith and helped a child out; we might have saved a life, we might have being the hope for the slaves and orphans: bringing light to people in an often dim world.

This is Nifemi and this is my kind of truth!

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