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The Kamala Harris Victory; A Clarion Call to Women

The Kamala Harris Victory; A Clarion Call to Women

    • Why should women be involved in decision making?

    Women are often dynamic leaders and their participation in democratic governance today represents the emancipation of a gender once marginalised. Although women still have a long way to go towards equal representation in leadership positions, especially in presidential cabinets, recent occurrences show that they are actually moving towards achieving fair inclusion.

    Kamala Harris, for one, has become a role model to most women through her remarkable achievement of becoming the first woman, first African and South Asian American to serve as a US vice president. For a long time, the role of a vice-president has been described as the least understood, and most often ignored constitutional role in federal government. Unless the president died or was seriously ill, the vice-president’s job was limited to performing ceremonial functions. In fact, some people believe the position is synonymous to holding a job that would never be relevant while others believe it is heartbeat away from being the president.

    Kamala Harris has debunked these less than positive views of what a vice president should be by proving to be one of the most powerful and consequential vice-presidents in history. She has inspired women, across the world, to speak up whenever they need to and take deliberate steps to become involved in the decision making of their countries, and it is evident in her journey from the US Senate to vice presidency.

    Data shows that women are underrepresented at all levels of decision-making worldwide and achieving gender parity in political life is only far off if they do not take the bull of leadership by the horns. So, when women are involved in leadership, it means that patience, empathy, generosity, balance, humility and inclusiveness are involved. Also, it means there is gender equality which is supposed to be a norm in the country.

    Finally, Kamala Harris is an example of how leadership is changing for better. The active participation of women in leadership positions matters if we really want to achieve national development goals. It shows the importance of long-lasting success of human race. Her victory calls to women and other members of the society to rise above societal limitations and aim for the best.

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