Just like the name “Five Magic Words,” it has the magical power of turning a situation around for good. They are simple words used while interacting with others to portray good manners and to leave everyone with a pleasant feeling.

The words show our sense of responsibility and tell strangers that we are well-behaved and groomed. The words are Please, Sorry, Thank you, Pardon me and Excuse me. Something to note about these words is that, each of them gives people around us some level of positive confidence and trust.

It should be noted that communication is key to our existence as humans and understanding the importance of these five magic words will enable us to interact and transact in peace with one another. Let’s explain the five magic words.


Your approach really matters. It won’t be nice asking for help from someone without adding the word please. You don’t want to be seen as rude. Therefore, it should be applicable to everyone irrespective of their age. For example, “Please, could you help me with that pen?”


This word is used to render an apology to someone you have offended. Some people find it so hard to say sorry or feel sorry for what they have done which is very bad. The word ‘sorry’ brings healing, and the magic behind it is that, it also brings forgiveness and peace of mind.

Thank You

This is used to appreciate people for the good will they have done. There are some people that are never grateful for anything rather, they always feel cheated or the person has not done enough. You should learn to appreciate people no matter how little what they did.

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The magic here is that, when you appreciate the little, the person will be encouraged to do more.

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Pardon Me

This shows that you have acknowledged your mistake and you are truly sorry. It is a way of saving yourself from much-deserved anger and reaction for a wrong deed.

Excuse Me

This word could be used in various ways: to take permission, to leave a meeting or to tell someone to leave the way. Simply put “excuse me” as a polite word for having your way. The magic here is that, it leaves you without having to argue with people.

These magic words teach decency, fairness, empathy, responsibility and honour. They go beyond making people around us feel good about themselves.

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