Men leave relationships for a lot of reasons, such as incompatibility and lack of contentment. In my opinion, however, the number one reason why any man would want to walk out on a relationship is when the man perceives that his woman is one of those ladies with a sense of entitlement when they are dating a man.

What do I mean?

It is shocking how some ladies feel entitled to a man’s money once they are dating. A lady once told me that she is angry with her boyfriend because he bought his brother a car instead of buying one for her; even though they have been dating for a while.

Now, if you know me, you know that this is not to say that a man cannot or should not take care of his lady. But, I don’t think it is fair for women to turn being a relationship into a full-time job. It is not fair on the man or his finances when you burden him with all of your needs, wants, and desires. And for you, my dear ladies, don’t you think you just might end up losing your man and your self-respect in one fell swoop by being so demanding?


So, here are some pointers on how to keep your man and be empowered in a relationship

  1. Be Independent

There is actually no shame in being independent and it would earn you a lot of respect in your relationship. One way to be independent in your relationship is to get a paying job or be involved in a business. This will give you the opportunity to earn an income and rely less on a man.

  1. Be Positive
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The power of positive thinking is enormous. Positivity breeds success, happiness and positive actions that inspire people to act in a positive manner. So, if you are a positive person, your positivity would help keep your relationship healthy and happy.

  1. Speak Up For Yourself

To feel empowered in a relationship it is important you speak up for yourself when you don’t like the way things are going rather than complaining to strangers on social media. Speaking up for yourself will help you and your partner deal with issues that might occur during the relationship and help you understand each other better

  1. Set Relationship Goals

Life is not complete without goals. This is because goals help us attain success, become happy and make all our dreams come true. Every month or year you and your partner can set goals on what you want to achieve in the relationship. It could be going on a few trips together, getting engaged after a year or getting married after two. Whatever goals you set would help you both be on the same page and strengthen your relationship.

  1. Bring Something to the Table

Some ladies don’t think of this, but it is not only the man that should bring something to the table. As a woman in a relationship, you should strive to offer emotional, physical, spiritual support, and even financial support when necessary. When you offer value to your man, you won’t even have to ask before a man showers you with gifts or other things that you may desire.


Being an independent and empowered woman in a relationship is not as difficult as it might seem. What you need to do is to find that power in yourself and use it to improve your partner’s life as well as your own.

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