This is your girl Nifemi giving you something to ruminate about:

Oh yes! Our relationships can work, only if we decide to be the best version of ourselves for our partners. Everyone wants a good partner: a loving, God fearing, considerate and passionate partner but the question is: are you a good partner to have?

Are you honest, selfless, loyal, passionate, God fearing and all other characteristics you seek for in a partner? And if you are not, how would you expect to find these characteristics in someone when you don’t possess them yourself?

Beyond that, loving someone isn’t just a matter of the heart. It is also an act of discipline: to learn about your partner every day, love them every day, make an effort to make them happy every day, make an effort to compromise for them as much as it requires and forgiving them before they seek for it.

True Love lasts, a relationship can thrive, if and only if everyone is prepared to be the best version of themselves for their partners.

This is my kind of truth!

Cheers to a long and lasting love.

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