Often times we get angry at people around us when they speak on phone, it is either they are shouting or they using swear words. I know most of us can relate to this especially a proper igbo trader in a bus who is trying to be heard on the phone and you are sitting very close to him. Sometimes, I wonder if they are trying to show off or it is a normal style for igbo traders. Simple etiquettes for telephone conversation can be of great help to convey your information and also help us to maintain professionalism.

Etiquette is a code of behavior which is acceptable as the norms of a particular society. Etiquette can also be seen as the rules indicating the proper and polite way to behave or do something.

Facts to consider when on a telephone conversation

Always announce your identity at the beginning of a call: When you put a call to someone, and he or she picks, you should announce yourself. Example: Hello, my name is Oluwaloseyifunmi from TRW CONSULT, may I speak with Mr.Matthew. It very wrong for you to just go into the message without introducing yourself, except he/she is a regular caller and has your number registered on their phones.

Be conscious to the tone of your voice: Before you make a call try to hear yourself speak, calm yourself down, don’t be anxious, angry, or harsh because this may pass a wrong message to the receiving party.

Think through what you have to say before making the call: Before you can make a call, get a jotter and jot down important information you want to pass across if you cannot articulate your points in your head. Place a sense of importance to every details you have jotted down.

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Don’t interrupt during a call: When making a call don’t keep the other party on hold to get other things done without proper notification and excuse, or making a conversation with another person without excusing yourself.

When on call be audible and let your point be stated in a clear way: For the fact that you making a telephone call and the other person is not seen you have to ensure to use an audible voice and the information must be clearly stated in a clear language, don’t make use of ambiguous words that will throw the other party in the dark or make him/her get the wrong information.

Always get a feedback from the receiver: After the message is stated, ensure to get a recap from the other party to ensure that there is a mutual understanding of the message.

Always speak into the receiver with a low tone: When on a call, ensure you speak into the receiver and speak in a low tone so as not to attract audience to yourself, it could be a very confidential information.

I hope these tips helps someone today, be nice to share with your loved ones.

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