Your social capital is an important component of your financial net worth. Your social capital is a function of your network of friends, your social circle, integrity and trust and how they perceive you.

Like every other form of capital, some people have it more than others, but the question here is: are you maximizing the social capital that you have? Are you sharing from your friend’s knowledge and ideas, do you intentionally ask friends for information or ask connections that you can leverage on?

Much of what you need may be very close to you though you may not have noticed it before or seen it for what it really is.  In fact, God usually puts your blessing within your reach. Never underestimate your social capital, so build relationships, and ask questions in areas you are not familiar with but your friends are experts at.

Also, be a trustworthy person, if you are, other people in your network would be willing to trust you with information. Whenever you need things learn to pray to God to lead you and then pick up the phone and call your friends and ask if they know anyone that can help.

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