So, let me gist you guys about what happened between bae and me:

We agreed to go on a date the previous week, and he never called me. I tried reaching him, but to no avail. So, when I was finally able to talk to him the following day about us missing our date, he was very dismissive. His attitude really hurt my feelings, but I said nothing. Later on, I decided to have a conversation with him about how dismissive he was about us missing our date, and during the conversation, he realized how important the date had been to me, and I also realized that he missed the date because he was planning something grand and better for me—a birthday party.

At the end of the conversation, we both felt better and closer.

So here are the truth ladies…

There are challenges in every relationship. Sometimes, your partner does not understand how important something is to you, and other times, they just might not care; this is usually frustrating, and when you don’t talk about how you feel, you might just kill your relationship slowly.

So when something bothers you, just have a conversation with your partner; in voicing out your opinion, focus strictly on the issue and avoid name-calling. Also try to evaluate the situation, and be willing to compromise.

In discussing issues, try as well to determine the best medium of conversation— is it a face-to-face conversation that works best for you both, a message or a phone call? Remember, there is nothing wrong with disagreeing in a relationship, so far you both learn to agree at the end of the day.

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Cheers to the success of your relationship.


Nifemi Adekunle

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