And she was alarmed to see him fall fast asleep after he had made his last thrust. She gazed at him with hot watery eyes, wondering what part of what they had just felt wasn’t real.

She flinches, held on to her breast and squeezed tight, probably atrying to regain consciousness of what sweet experience she had just had. She hadn’t felt this good in a long while, and now it feels so wrong and saddening.

Venice met him at the Supermarket, she had gotten all her groceries and queuing in the slow running line. She had so many things going through her mind; her mom was sick from cancer, her landlord had just increased her already due rent, she had 2 references in her ICAN examination, her siblings had been laid back at school, her boss has threatened to sack her if she didn’t answer to his gesture, and to crown it all up, the man who she has given her body and soul to for the past 6 years thought it was time for her to understand that they weren’t compatible. She stood staring fixated on the ground in lost thought.

Ralph, pondering on what had happened to this pretty petite lady. She hasn’t responded, he’s been calling her for about a minute now. “Should I touch her” he thought. He then laid his hand under her chin and lifted up her face, immediately she shuddered and almost lost balance.

What! She shouted. I’m so sorry, Venice apologised. You were on the queue for so long, other queuing customers had started to complain, I dragged your trolley and paid your goods here is your receipt ma’am, Ralph responded.

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She gazed at him with starry tear filled eyes. Her sight was blurry. She mumbled words she probably couldn’t understand.

Come! Without questions or answers Ralph put his hands in hers. She immediately felt this sudden chill as though her guts were about to spill open. Ma’am, ma’am, Ralph called again, still she had her face fixated on the ground.

Do you have a car with you. She nodded no. Then he noticed a drop of tear on that flowery blouse she had on, that blouse he admired.

“You’re coming home with me”, he said with this commanding tune. She had no strength left in her to object.

They drove for about 45 minutes in quiet. Entering into a cream and light brown painted apartment with luxurious structures decorating the premises. Green gardens shovelled in exquisite shapes, Venice failed to appreciate the beauty of this beautiful house. She continued to stare as though she were in a trance.

I hope she hasn’t gone crazy, had a stroke or wounded or……

Ralph racked his mind for possible answers of what might happened to this cute lady, she hasn’t moved and certainly he had noticed she hardly had blinked.

I hope I’m not carrying more than I should this time he thought. With all I’ve been through and still, I should just stay on a low key. But his kind heart just wouldn’t allow him.

“We are here” he reiterated. Common ma’am stop acting this way. It gives me so much of concern and worry.

Venice looked up at him, and every emotion she had desperately tried to conceal bursted out in hot tears.

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Immediately he felt as though his heart were crushed in a million pieces. He held her close to his bosom and let her shed every tear till she felt there was no more tear to shed.

He beckoned to his gate keeper to get the items bought in the back seat and his luggage at the trunk. Straight to the dinning room, he directed her to a chair.

Opening a box of cereal and milk, he made her some to eat. After she was done, he cleared the place and held her hand again.

Venice felt this shudder again. What is this very nice man doing to her? He’s treating her specially; he’s soft, yet strong, gentle yet firm and commanding. Oh no! She’s doing it again. Yea, that’s how they all act, and then at the end of it all they’ll leave. She rolled her eyes. She couldn’t allow herself feel for this stranger.

It was already past 10pm, thank God it was a Saturday, Ralph thought. I need some rest and the court case again…..arghhh. I’m tired of all these. I just cannot wait for it all to end.

“I apologise, I didn’t make preparation to have any guest, so please use the master room, my room, I’ll stay on the couch in the living area”, he spoke to the mute lady.

She walked in briskly without uttering a word. Quickly slamming the door, she slouched on the ground and bent her head to weep some more. Why should the world be so unfair? Why is she the only one facing all these hardship? Why why why!!!

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She summoned all the courage she had, picked herself up and located the shower. Venice had just realised that this nice man had great taste in furnishing, gadgets and housing items. She ran the shower and doused herself in the warmness. She loved every drop on her skin.


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