“Please wake! Please wake!! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to. You can have her. I’m sorry please just wake” screaming out loud from a deep sleep, Ralph was. Venice mildly asleep on hearing these faint screams, rushed to the living room, on seeing Ralph weep in so much anguish, his head bent on his lap, shaking his head and weeping hard.

Venice pondered as to what could make a big man as this, weep as though he was a 2 year old child deprived of his sweets. Kneeling beside him, she took his hands in hers, and he looked up to face her with sad teary eyes, “I didn’t mean to, I was trying to protect her”. Venice thought it wouldn’t be right time for further information or investigation, she replied him, “I know, come to bed”.

It had been 10 minute they lay in bed together silently, but these 10 minutes felt like forever. Venice’s heart pounding as though she had just seen a ghost; Ralph consuming how sweetly she smelt and how so pretty her rear view seemed. He didn’t want her feeling as though he wanted take advantage of her as they just met and he knew she needed a place to stay.

“Ma’am” he paused, wondering if she was asleep as he didn’t get any response. “Ma’am” he reiterated. She slowly turned and immediately he felt as though he was about to have a heart attack.

“Yes?” heart racing as though she had just got done with a 100 mile race.

“I can’t seem to find any sleep and I wondered if you’ll like to talk”, he asked.

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“OK, what would you like to know?”

“Your name to start with” he responded quietly. “I’m Venice and you are?”, “Ralph……Ralph Morgan”.

Silence again. The silence was so loud it felt deafening. And then………

He leaned close, kissing the side of her mouth, she gasped, he lingered for a moment. She adjusted and returned the kiss with full mouth.

Laying his hand at her back to hold her closer, she trembled, he sort her ear lobes and gently suckled on them, she flinched, and then he knew she liked it, and now he wanted to give all to her.

It’s been a while he had felt this way. It’s been a while he had let a woman possess him this way. He had sworn never again……just never again to be at their mercy. But he’s found himself again in that scenario. This lady has got him whipped. He’s found himself trapped in this confusing cobweb of infatuation……or could this be love? His entire senses are heightened when she’s so close, he thought.

He carefully turned her to her back to have full access to her breast, planting wet kisses to her neck, and she moaned, holding his back as though her life depended on it.

And then, he lay on top of her, using his mouth to find her breast, gently moulding, squeezing her breasts, and suckling slowing on her nipples. She squirmed.




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