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Surprising Reasons Why You Should Smile More…

It’s Valentine’s day, a day people show affection for one another in different ways. How are spending your valentine’s day? Do you wanna share? For some reasons some of us might be moody because we are single, angry with our spouses, bosses, friends, things around us or even our country. ‘We cannot come and die o’, motivation for change is intrinsic, it has to come from within us…

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“Honey, please naw be fast. I don’t want to be late for my flight oh”. That was the voice of my girlfriend Chioma. I didn’t respond. I dropped the phone I was chatting with and pulled on the knob of the water closet so she could hear the toilet flush. Before I opened the door I heard another notification on the phone and I saw the message from “laundry guy” – alright, meet me at dominos when u drop her off.

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You Can Deal with Disappointments on Valentine’s Day….

Every February, social media is flooded with pictures of couples expressing their love. Roses and chocolates and love notes and fancy date nights. We get together with our friends and hear about the wonderful evening they spent with their husbands, how surprised they were and how special they felt. What a nice reminder it was of what a great man they have.

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Part one……
My heart melts at the sound of his voice; his presence makes me feel like a woman. Some call it butterflies in the tummy …oh yes, that is how I feel when I am around him. He keeps me up all night, our conversations flow naturally; i am anxious to read his pings and also excited to hear his voice. He has a baritone voice, deep and sexy. Before I forget, his name is Jayden….

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