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Teen Depression-The Whys, The Symptoms, The Breakthrough

I used to have a friend called Bonike, even though we have lost contact, I still remember her for her mood swings. While growing up, I saw her as a strange fellow, one minute she talks to you and the next minute like a snail, she is in her shell. She goes into a low mood which affects her thoughts, feelings, behavior, and her whole sense of well-being. Bonike was used to frowning and that was like her identity. Could she be faced with challenges at home?

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Conquering Teenage Bed Wetting

During the last summer holidays my niece Sharon came over to my place to visit, she met my neighbours kids and they played all day. When it was time for her to go, she cried and begged her mother to let her stay. Sharon eventually came to spend her holidays with us and we sleep together on my bed. When we woke up one morning i found out that i was un-usually cold.

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