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5 Ways to Deal with Toxic People

Toxic people ‘defy logic’. Some of them are unaware of their negative impact on others and others derive pleasure in causing chaos and pushing others to the edge. Because toxic people are so difficult to understand, it generally makes it difficult to effectively deal with them. Jumia Travel, the leading online agency, helps by sharing 5 ways to push through this difficulty and effectively deal with toxic people.

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The Buyer’s Bargaining Power

As a teenager I remember accompanying mum to a local market on several occasions, mostly for clothing or food shopping. She would go from one shop/vendor to the other, trying to get a fair price and also asking questions about new products. To me then: it was unnecessary, time-wasting and tedious. And on few occasions we got insulted and chased away. But unknown to me, this was a skilled bargainer at work; surveying the market, getting necessary information, and often time than not, we got a lower price for most items.

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Reasons Why Your Relationship is On and Off

Relationships are a great place to be in if they are working right and adding value to your life. You may find yourself in a seemingly great relationship and then one of you calls it quits. A short while later (and here I use short very loosely) one or both of you wants things back to the way they were and you start over or continue from where you left off. Reasons Why Your Relationship is On and Off?

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