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How to Prevent Obesity in Children

In today’s society, helping your children attain a healthy weight goes a long way in building their self esteem and helps reduce depression. Being mocked by family members and peers due to dissatisfaction of their physical appearance can lead to further depression and loneliness which in turn may lead to health problems.

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Tips on Stopping Kids from Biting their Nails

It is amazing to know that even adults still bite their nails; some say they do when they are deep in thoughts, scared, anxious or even day dreaming. I often hear people ask this question, ‘can an adult learn new tricks at his old age’?. Children grow into adults with habits formed when growing up. So it is only clever to help crop some habits before they are mature.

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Managing Sibling Rivalry

Valerie is my name. I come from a family of two girls. I am the youngest to Vanessa. I am 17 years while Vanessa is 19. Every Saturday morning, we both have our individual chores to attend to. Over the years, I observed that once it’s time to carry out our chores, my sister will always complain of stomach pain, headache or feverish condition. Thus, I ended up doing her chores with mine inclusive. This became a norm that my mom saw nothing wrong with my sister’s action, instead she will say am the youngest so I should do all chores and that it’s a sign of respect. Really?

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