As parents, we always want our kids to be comfortable and not feel isolated or left out. Nevertheless, it’s not abnormal to make them feel very comfortable but the question is how do you distinguish their needs from their wants?

The following tips will guide you on ways not to overindulge your kids.

Let your ‘No’ be ‘No’. Don’t get caught up in your child’s nagging. For example, if your child requests to take some toys to school and you told him/her ‘No’, make sure you maintain your stance.

Enforce disciplinary measures when the need arise. For instance, if your four year old child writes on the wall, do not hesitate to make him/her clean it, don’t say he/she is too small. At this point, you have made it clear to that child that the wall is not a blackboard, the next time he/she wants to write, they will either get their blackboard to write or better still get a paper and pencil to write.

Do not overnuture kids. At age six, your child should be able to bathe and dress up properly and comfortably. Start early in teaching them how to do this and not do it for them.

Don’t give into all their demands. This will have a long lasting effect in shaping their behavior and personality. Thus, in future when the child is faced with real life situations, the child expects everyone to be at his/her mercy.

With the emergence of various gadgets such as phones, ipads, video games and the likes, it has a huge impact on your child’s lifestyle, education and values. As parents, set rules, limits and timings. The essence of these is to make them do the right thing at the right time, if not kids will only do what suits them all the time.

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However, instead of indulging kids, show them love, care and limits which will make them responsible men and women in the home and society.


Roseline Obadiuno

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