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What do most of us start the day with? Of course it’s the wardrobe. We open it and see plenty of things we use daily. And there are not too many people who know that there are a couple of tricks they can use to make their clothing routine more pleasant to deal with.

See the list below to find out what other people do you didn’t know. Sharing knowledge is always rewarding, isn’t it?

  1. Clever Patchwork

Do not be in a rush to get rid of old, worn and torn clothes. Instead, create a stylish and unique patchwork! Attaching the patch is really easy – use Heat n’Bond plus a piece of embroidery thread. Let your creativity rule the process. There are plenty of cool designs you can think of. Go ahead and express yourself!

  1. Stretching Tight Shoes

We most often notice and feel (which is even more painful) that the shoes we recently bought are too tight to wear. You stop wearing them just because they are uncomfortable. Do you still find them attractive? Then we are ready to help you with a very useful tip. Tight shoes can be stretched and it will only take you one night. Take 2 zip lock baggies. Fill them with water by half, let the air out and seal them. Put the baggies in your shoes and keep them in your freezer for a few hours, preferably a night. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

  1. Making Use of an Old Sweater

Do you live in a cool or even cold climate? Then you know that you must keep your feet warm at all times! You can avoid wasting your money on new boot warmers if you have an old sweater. All you need to do is to cut off the sleeves. No sewing needed!

  1. Home-Made Cap Toe Shoes
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This idea is fantastic indeed! You can customize any pair of pretty shoes and make them unique in a simple way. All you need is a spray with your favorite color and newspaper to cover the part of the show you do not want to dye. Be creative, match the colors or make them contrasting – either way you will look outstanding in your renewed shoes!

  1. Beeswax as a Waterproof Material

If you like canvas shoes just I like do, then this tip is just what you need. I guess you know that canvas shoes cannot be worn in rainy weather – in a few minutes you will feel that your feet are getting wet. However, if you cover them with beeswax before you leave the home, you will be able to wear your favorites even when it’s pouring outside.

  1. Folding T-Shirts In Horizontal Rows

A tidy wardrobe makes life easier and less stressful. What does your wardrobe consists of? If your casual wear is a t-shirt, then you probably have dozens of them already. Finding the right one to put on might then be a problem. Fortunately, it is easily solved: simply fold and arrange your t-shirts in horizontal rows with the print facing up!

  1. Removing Chewing Gum

Removing chewing gum is not that difficult if you know this trick! The structure and consistency of any chewing gum change if it contacts ice. Ice cold temperature will make the sticky chewing gum hard and easily removable. This tip can be applied to clothing, carpets, furniture and curtains. Before getting rid of the item, get rid of the chewing gum that is stuck to it!

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