In the business world, your level of investment answers to your level of harvest. Businesses don’t grow overnight rather, a business grows from one level of growth to another just like the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Building a great structure from the start is very important, don’t put it off to later. Remember the ancient words ‘customer is king’. Without patronage of customers or clients, a business will die. Hence, it is important to always put clients into consideration when policies are being formulated for your business.

Below are a few steps to consider.

  1. Clients must respect you professionally. In order for you to retain your clients, they must admire how you do your work, how you behave and how you treat others. Work hard at becoming a professional in what you do, and in no time, you’ll see your clients doffing their hats for you.
  2. They must like you. In any kind of relationship at all, you can’t move far without this basic prerequisite. Make it a point of duty to go out of your way to be friendly and helpful to people. Your business and entire life will be better for it.
  3. You must maintain the intensity of the relationship. Consistency and longetivity are key in maintaining any relationship and it is at this point that a lot of people fall off. Once a business benefit disappears, the relationship fades away. Good relationships and trust are lubricants of a successful career. There is no point pursuing a relationship cynically; business relationships are only worth pursuing with people you genuinely like.
  4. Your lives begin to mingle more deeply. Eventually, it becomes natural to invite spouses, significant others and children to your out-of-office interactions. Out-of-office interactions go a long way in further cementing your relationships with your clients. Social events make them freer to discuss unofficial matters; this may ginger them to refer their friends to you who can patronise you.
  5. They need to admire you as a person. This will only happen as your relationship begins to migrate outside the office. Maybe you could attend shows, picnics or have dinner together. If they see you living a life worthy of respect, they will gravitate towards you and identify with you.
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To greater heights in your business…

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