So, this happened to me a long time ago.

I was in love, that kind of rosy love you are absolutely certain it will end up in marriage and last forever. The relationship was a healthy one, honest and transparent such that snooping makes no sense to me. Anything I want to know I could easily ask him (my partner) and he would tell me.

So one day, a friend of mine who was also close to my ‘prince’ came around, she wanted to make a call and I dint have air time on my phone. She reached out for his phone and soon got digging deep after the call. Lola suddenly shouted, and I came out of the room. Also curious I reached for the phone, hmmmmm, I was dumbfounded. “My prince charming” was cheating on me. The person I thought was honest and open wasn’t as open or honest as I thought.

Suddenly snooping started to make sense to me. He soon confessed and apologized but trust me, things dint get back to normal.  I snoop and sniff around my partner’s phone anytime and any day.  Before you judge me, I know it’s not only me that has done it or has done something similar especially after apologies.

Research conducted by a dating site— has shown that out of 2,258 adults across the country, 37% of women were okay with e-snooping, while 29% of men said the same. And it seems younger daters were more comfortable peeking—36% of 18-34 year olds, 40% of 35-44 year olds, and only 26% of people 55+.

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Now, here is my kind of truth:

After snooping and sniffing for a while I realized that I was just been insecure and I do not deserve to be with someone who makes me feel insecure. I deserve to be with an honest, kind and faithful man and yeah—so do you.

Again, I thought to myself, even if someone has betrayed me in the past, it doesn’t mean another man will. My snooping around someone I’m dating doesn’t only inconvenience me, but it poisons the relationship with my sense of distrust even before the person does anything wrong. So, I decided to keep trust by my side and stop snooping, not only to give my relationship a true chance but because I don’t want to be labeled as a snoop dog … lol!

Now, that’s my truth and that was my experience that led me through the path of snooping.  Tell me what’s your truth? And what is the most shocking thing you have discovered while snooping?

It’s your girl Nifemi: She likes sharing her opinions on relationship matters; she loves food and loves to read your comments.

Catch ya in my next post.


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