Meeting the parents is a process most people have to deal with at some point in their adult lives. Nerves, fears, excitement, and anxiety may all set in prior to walking through the door of your significant other’s family home.

However, accepting the invitation to stay with them is certainly a commitment.

Below are things you should consider before meeting his family;

Decide if you’re ready

Though you may feel a Christmas holiday or family gathering may be the perfect opportunity to meet his family, it is important you know what you can handle at a time.

Decide if you still need more time to build your relationship, or know your partner better before he introduces you to his family.

Know some facts about them

Little bits of information like their favourite food, TV show, siblings’ name may serve as conversation prompters during your first meeting.

It will also help you note which topic you should entirely avoid, and prepare you on how to address his family members without been tagged ‘rude’ or ‘loose’.

Plan your outfit

First impressions are worth your best efforts. Modesty and class is one quick way to make good impressions with your outfit, and remember to stay true to your personality.

It is also advised you dress for the occasion you’re attending. This depends on whether you are supposed to meet his family at a social event, or basically at home.

Go with a gift

There’s no need to go overboard when deciding what to get. Just ensure you go with a gift, as a symbol that you appreciate their hospitality. It may be considered impolite going empty-handed on your first visit.

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Plan to bond with his family

There is nothing wrong in being a bit nervous within the first few minutes of your stay, but plan to get over it beforehand and initiate friendly conversations.

Bonding here does not imply getting along with everyone on the first day, rather it refers to you making an effort to engage his family, rather than spend the day in isolation with your partner.

Plan to respect his family

Prepare to respect his family, even if your expectations differs when the reality that hits you when you finally meet them. Simple manners on how to greet talk and eat should be on your mind.

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